Personal RepresentativeMichael S. Hallman, 32˚ KCCH
General SecretaryWilliam J. Burfitt, 33˚ G.C.
TreasurerThomas Craig, 33˚
AlmonerLee R. Gibson, 32˚
Director of WorkKevin H. Burns, 32˚ KCCH
Assistant Director of WorkWilliam J. Burfitt, 33˚ G.C.
Prelate (All 4 Bodies)Michael Brewer, 32˚ KCCH
Tiler (All 4 Bodies)Gary Welker, 32˚ KCCH

Lodge of Perfection

Venerable MasterGary E. Lunsford, 33°
Senior WardenRoger D. Mullins, 32° KCCH
Junior WardenDrew McKay, 32° KCCH
OratorLee R. Gibson, 32°
PrelateMichael Brewer, 32˚
Trustee (2024)Michael Hallman, 32° KCCH
Master of CeremoniesMichael L. Brewer, 32° KCCH
ExpertHouston D. Brown, 32°
Assistant ExpertDavid S. Lakin, 33°
Captain of the HostJames K. Castello, 32°

Chapter of Rose Croix

Wise MasterJohn C. Myers, 32° KCCH
Senior WardenMichael S. Hallman, 32° KCCH
Junior WardenJason A. Crowe, 32° KCCH
OratorJohnny Strickland, 32° KCCH
Trustee (2025)Davis I. Smallwood, 32°
Master of CeremoniesMichael L. Brewer, 32° KCCH
ExpertDavid S. Lakin, 33°
Assistant ExpertHouston D. Brown, 32°
Standard BearerDrew R. McKay, 32° KCCH
Guardian of the TempleDavid L. Casteel, 32°

Council of Kadosh

CommanderJohnny W. Strickland, 32° KCCH
1st Lt. CommanderLee R. Gibson, 32°
2nd Lt. CommanderJon C. Meyers, 32° KCCH
ChancellorDrew R. McKay, 32° KCCH
OratorRoger D. Mullins. 32° KCCH
Trustee (2023)John C. Meyers, 32° KCCH
Marshal of CeremoniesMichael L. Brewer, 32° KCCH
TurcoplierDavid S. Lakin, 33°
DraperJames K Castello, 32°
1st DeaconHouston D. Brown, 32°
2nd DeaconDean L. Lilja, 32° KCCH
Bearer of the White StandardDavid L. Casteel, 32°
Lieutenant of the GuardW. Lynn Dodson, 32° KCCH
SentinelGary A. Welker, 32° KCCH
PrelateBrian P. McHenry, 32°


Master of KadoshGary E. Lunsford, 33°
PriorJohn C. Meyers, 32° KCCH
PreceptorRoger Mullins, 32° KCCH
ChancellorMichael S. Hallman, 32° KCCH
Minister of StateDrew R. McKay, 32°
Trustee (2026)Joseph Zito, 32°KCCH
Marshal of CeremoniesLee R. Gibson, 32°
ExpertJason A. Crowe, 32° KCCH
Assistant ExpertMichael L. Brewer, 32° KCCH
Bearer of the Black StandardJoseph F Zito, 33°
Captain of the GuardJames K. Castello, 32°

Foundation Trustees

William Burfitt, 33° G.C
Michael S. Hallman, 32° KCCH
David S. Lakin, 33°
Gary Lunsford, 33°

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